daman games fishing

Daman Games | How to Make Money in Fishing?

daman games fishing

DamanGames is a gaming platform that has a variety of games to be played. Jackpot Fishing game is one of the popular games in Daman Games. Jackpot Fishing is very simple, players just have to catch fish and win prizes. In addition, the platform gives mega jackpot if a player catches the biggest fish in the game. Make money online in Jackpot Fishing game.

Jackpot Fishing Casino Slot Functions in Daman Games

1. Special Fish

Catch the Special Fish to get all the corresponding multipliers on the fish. You can get 20-30x on a sting ray, 30-40x on lantern fish, and 40-50x on turtles.


2. Effects Fish

Effects fish is an interesting feature in jackpot fishing. After killing one of the Thunder Shark, all the fishes will get shocked then trigger chain lightning and all the targeted fish will explode.

Next is Torpedo Crab, catch the torpedo crab to launch 3 torpedoes with a higher chance of success in catching fish.

Last is Sea Anemone, catch the sea anemone and create a whirlpool in the same area you catch the fish and a high chance to catch multiple fishes.

jackpot gun

3. Torpedo

You can switch weapons during the game to get a higher chance of catching fish. A torpedo is an artillery that inflicts greater daman on larger fish but is careful, the torpedo is 6 times larger deduction from your current bet for each torpedo used.


4. Immortal Ocean King

Shoot more on Ocean Kings to have a higher chance to consecutively win prizes. King squid has 60, 120, and 180X multiplier while Golden Shark has 80, 160, 240X multiplier.


5. Treasure Bowl

Consecutively win a Small Prize (3x) or hit the Critical Hit Jackpot by shooting the Treasure bowl continuously.


6. Jackpot System

Jackpot Dragon has 120x, 240x, 320x, and Jackpots. Shoot the Dragon to have a higher chance of getting Jackpots.


7. Normal Fishes

Normal fishes are the easiest to catch but have lower multipliers. If you want a higher chance to make money, wait for the normal fish to come.

How to Register in DAMAN GAMES?

1. First, register using the link https://www.damangames.in/#/register?r_code=sbo3R1275977/ or you can visit How to Register in Daman Games for more information on registering online on Daman Games.


2. Enter your Mobile Number


3. Enter your Password


4. Click Register

Click Register

How to Deposit Money in Daman Games?

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to deposit in Daman Games First, you need to have an account before Depositing Money in Daman Games. Visit How to Register in Daman Games for more information on registering in Daman Games.

1. Click Center


2. Click Recharge


3. Choose between Fast UPI or USDT

Fast Upi

4. Choose your Payment Service Provider then Select the Amount you want to Deposit

Fast Upi

5. Click Recharge/Deposit

Click Recharge

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