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Download DamanGames To Earn Money Up To 1000$

25/03/2023 by DamanGames

DamanGames.com platform to make money online!!

Make Money Online in DamanGames, and earn up to 100$ in a minute. Moreover, a premier online casino gaming platform that offers a wide variety of games to cater to all your needs.

European Roulette – Also Known As Single-Zero Roulette

25/03/2023 by DamanGames
damangames roulette

Players all across the world like playing European Roulette in DamanGames. Moreover, you no longer need to go anywhere in quest of a land-based casino to play roulette. You just have to register and start to make money online in DamanGames.

Guessing Games – Guess Number, Red, Purple, or Green to Make Money Online!!

25/03/2023 by DamanGames
damangames win go

Guessing Games – DamanGames offers varieties of guessing games to be played such as Win Go, Trx Hash, 5D Lotre, and K3 Lotre. You just have to stick to the one that gives you more profit!!!

Fishing Game – Make Money Online through Fishing

25/03/2023 by DamanGames
damangames fishing

Fishing Game – DamanGames provides you 11 types of option to play a fishing game of your choice, which is fun to play and easy to earn. Finally, you just have to choose one and stick to what gives you more money in DamanGames Fishing.

Aviator – A Super Easy Game to Earn Real Money

25/03/2023 by DamanGames
damangames aviator

Aviator Pilot in DamanGames is based on a fair system. Aviator Pilot is very easy to play since you just have to bet and don’t let the airplane fly away with your bet. If you manage to cash out before the airplane flew, then you win easy money.

Make Money Online in Daman Casino Game – Best Platform to Earn Money While Playing Online.

25/03/2023 by DamanGames
damangames casino

Daman Casino Game is a variety of money-making casino games Online. You can choose between 3 types of category in DamanGames such as DG, AG_Video, and Evo. You can now earn money while playing online!!

Make Money Online in Sports Betting Game – The Best Betting platform to Make Money Online.

25/03/2023 by DamanGames
damangames sport

Sports Betting Game – The platform offers LIVE SPORT for betting. Furthermore, the Sports betting game in DamanGames provides a huge cash earnings to players. In addition, take advantage of our great offers which make us one of the best betting sites online. You can choose one team to bet on and earn 5000₹ or MORE too!


DamanGames Banner

1st prize

Refer 1000 members to top up at least 3 times and get 2ct round cut diamond – price 12,49,000 = 15291 USDT

damangames 24k Diamond

2nd Prize

Refer 500 members to top up at least 3 times and get Gold and Diamond – price 5,00,000+ = 6050 USDT

damangames Gold and Diamond

3rd Prize

Refer 200 Members to Top up at least 3 times and get 24K 999.9 Gold Bar – Price 2,00,000 = 2417 USDT

damangames Make money Online

4th Prize

Refer 150 Members to Top up at least 3 times  and get 24K 999.9 Gold Treasure – Price 1,00,000+ = 1208 USDT

damangames Gold treasure

5th Prize

Refer 100 Members to Top up At least 3 Times and get 24K 999.9 Gold Accessories – Price 50,000+ = 600 USDT

damangames Gold Access

6th Prize

Refer 100 Members to Top up at least 3 times and get DAMAN SPECIAL 22K 4g Gold Coin – Price 30,000+ = 360 USDT

damangames Gold Coin

7th Prize

Refer 50 Members to Top up At least 3 times and get 24K 999.9 Gold Ring – Price 20,000+ = 240 USDT

damangames Gold Ring

8th Prize

Refer 30 Members to Top Up At least 3 Times and get 24K 999.9 Gold Earrings – Price 10,000+ = 120 USDT

damangames Gold Earring

Consolation Prize

Refer 30 Members to Top Up At least 3 Times and get 24K 999.9 Gold Surprise Box – Price 5000+ = 60 USDT

damangames Gold box

Mechanics of the Event in DAMANGAMES

  • Eligible Agents in DamanGames Must Have Telegram Numbers To Contact Customer Service For Register On The Post To Be Activated To Participate In This Event.
  • Winner Calculation Is Based On How Many Agents Are Able To Bring Active Members For A Period Of (2 Months) From 1 March To 30 April 2023.
  • Member / Downline Active In The Sense Of Members Who Have Deposited More Than 3 Times And Each Of Them Must Bind The Bank. There Must Not Be Any Similarity In Data With Other Members, Either Account Names, Bank Account Numbers Or IP Addresses.
  • If The Percentage Of Active Members Who Make Deposits Only 3 Times Exceeds 20% Of The Total, Then We Will Do A Review For An Indefinite Time.
  • Daman Games Has The Right To Cancel The Prize Winner If During The Process It Is Found Cheating In Any Form To Take Advantage Of This Special Event.

The event prizes will reset every 2 months.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Rewards

How to Register in DamanGames?

Let me show you how to register for DamanGames with just a few simple steps.

1. Click the link > https://www.damangames.in/#/register?r_code=sbo3R1275977/

damangames reg

2. Enter your mobile number.

damangames num

3. Enter your desired password which must be 8-36 AlphaNumeric characters in length.

damangames pass

4. Click Register

damangames register

How to Deposit Money in DamanGames?

Click Center > Click Recharge/Deposit > Choose between FastUPI and USDT > Choose your Payment Service Provider > Click on the Amount you want to deposit > Click Recharge

damangames center
damangames recharge
damangames deposit

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